Vitamin B17 Benefits – What is the impact of Amygdalin on your health

Vitamin B17 Benefits and use
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A perfect healthy needs vitamins in your deal meal. Have you heard anything about vitamin b17 or Amygdalin? This medicine has a contraventional background & history. To live a healthy life, you have to add B17 Vitamin Food in your deal meal menu. Although the FDA has banned this vitamin due to many reasons & research. Still, many doctors are agreed that vitamin b17 is good for health but this is not an official statement by an American research center. Vitamin b17 is being promoted as an anti-cancer treatment, but that vitamin has less evidence. Before going to proceed Vitamin B17 Benefits, take a look at the history and chemical bonding of Amygdalin.

Vitamin b17 other name is Amygdalin as we all knew it. This is a chemical compound which occurs naturally in many plants seeds like apricot, bitter almonds, apple, peach, & plum. This is classified as toxic cyanide anion, so it can release cyanide in the human body which may cause cyanide poisoning. In early 1950, both Amygdalin and laetrile have been promoted as a solution/alternative of cancer disease, medical science found Vitamin b17 to be “clinically ineffective” in the treatment of cancer. This is potentially toxic when taken by mouth it may be the cause of cyanide poisoning.

Vitamin b17 is gaining attention worldwide due to its anti-cancer-fighting abilities. Though still less evidence has not been presented right now, this is a banned treatment by the Food and Drug Administration. Research shows that B17 Vitamin helps to increase the human body capability of fighting against deadly cancer. During a reaction, it creates hydrogen cyanide which attacks & subsequently destroys cancer cells from the human body, though this is not an authentic or approved research till 2019.

Vitamin B17 Benefits

Vitamin B17 Benefits

Here are the main “Vitamin B17 Benefits” which are shared by their manufacturing companies, though vitamin b17 illegal and have not approved or legal statement by any medical “research institute” across the world.

Vitamin b17 and Cancer?

In early 1970, a well-known doctor Krebs falsely claimed that the deadly cancer disease is caused by the required vitamin b17 deficiency. He further claimed that Laetrile drug is a useful vitamin which has the ability to fight against cancer cells. Though dr. Krebs research has not approved until today by any authentic medical research center. One thing should be clear, there is no Vitamin B-17 in the medical, this is a drug named “laetrile”, which is known as a reliable cancer inhibitor named as a b-17 vitamin.

Vitamin b-17 richly available in the nuts, plants seeds which are bitter almonds, apple, peach, & plum etc. This is an important vitamin or nutrient for cancer treatment? Well, this is not officially approved until today. Their manufacturer claims it as the reliable and most effective vitamin or medicine for cancer treatment. No one is still considering it as the human-friendly & unique treatment for cancer. This is clear that vitamin b-17 is a medicine not a food supplement.

Useful for Headache?

Some of their manufacturers claimed it as the best vitamin of nutrient for headache and hypertension problems. They also claim that problem, this is only caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin B17 in the human body. This statement is only from vitamin b17 manufacturer not from the legal approval medical department.

Pain Killer for Cancer Patients?

pain cancer patient

As per their manufacturer statements on Vitamin B17 Benefits, they claimed it as a best pain killer vitamin for cancer patients. Some experts consider it as “competitive pain reliever vitamin”. Some experts also share their bad comments and a fewer one share good views on vitamin b17 or laetrile drug as a useful pain killer.

Boost Immunity System:

A study named “test-tube” has claimed that vitamin b17/amygdalin has the capability of boosting the human immunity system. It helped in immune cells ability improvement. Check information source here [b-17 and Immunity System]. Some studies also show the bad impact of vitamin b-17 on the human immune system. So proper recommendations are compulsory for this drug, to use it for various disease treatment purpose.

Useful for Blood Pressure:

Some studies on Amygdalin shows that this medicine is useful for human or animal blood circulating system. [Source] Just keep in mind vitamin b17 benefits which are listed above have less evidence and weak support from approved authorities. More studies and evidence are required on laetrile drug to consider it a useful cancer disease treatment alternative vitamin or drug.

Is Laetrile a Vitamin?

You can satisfy anyone easily by sharing benefits of any vitamin, on other ends you need to provide proofs and justifications for any medicine to use as a cancer treatment alternative without any medical research approval. So laetrile is wrongly called a b-17 vitamin which is not true. Vitamin b17 is actually a drug/medicine which was invented in 1952 by doctor “Ernst T. Krebs”. Krebs claimed that due to deficiency of laetrile is the main cause of Cancer, which is now promoted as vitamin b17. He smartly labeled as a nutrient of the vitamin for cancer treatment alternative. It reason may be the tough federal laws that applied to manufacture drugs companies, not applied to food & vitamin supplements.

B17 vitamin benefits:

  • Cancer treatment alternative.
  • Pain relief supplement.
  • Effective for blood circulating system.
  • Useful for the immunity system.
  • Headache & hypertension.

Laetrile Side Effects?

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Dizziness
  3. Sudden Liver Damage
  4. Sudden Low Blood Pressure
  5. Droopy upper eyelid
  6. Can disturb Immune System.


Some experts share their opinions on Laetrile, if you are using this medicine then also use fresh fruits & vegetable prevents from side effects caused by Laetrile. Vitamin b17 is a medicine/pills so try to eat raw almonds or crushed fruit while taking “laetrile”. You have to increase the quantity of vitamin C while taking this drug. Don’t forget to use vegetables and fruits like carrots, bean sprouts, celery, and peaches. It would be useful for you & your patience to discuss with your family physician about vitamin b17/laetrile drug.

Bottom Line:

One thing is clear, vitamin b17 is not a food supplement or vitamin, this is a drug. Laetrile drug is banned many states by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] organization because it has less effective results while using it as cancer treatment pills. It may also cause of deadly cyanide poisoning. It has fewer pieces of evidence and proven results for cancer treatment. The Institute of Food and Drug Administration USA has banned vitamin b17 and they consider it a laetrile drug. You can use it at your own risk. If you are still willing to use it then must check b-17 vitamin side-effects. For better and effective results, try to use B17 Vitamin Food only which have no side effects. Vitamin b-17 huge quantity is available in berries, nuts, almond etc.

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Michael Richardson

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