The extraordinary enzyme serrapeptase

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Serrapeptase (also known as the butterfly enzyme, Serratia E-15, Silk worm enzyme, Serralysin etc) is a protein damaging enzyme isolated from microbes indigenous to the digestive system of silkworm larvae. The latter create this enzyme (a stimulant that speeds up or permits biochemical reactions) to assimilate the strong Mulberry leaves that they survive on.

Moreover, they use this enzyme to swiftly put up with their strong shells known as cocoons. Serrapeptase is an exceptionally strong biological anti-inflammatory mediator. Revealed near the start of the nineteen seventies, this enzyme was segregated from the Serratia variety of microbes naturally positioned in the guts of silkworms.

This enzyme permits the budding moth to liquefy its fibrous insulate. It has the ability to break down non-living tissue in the body. This protein-ripping enzyme is being extensively used in Japan and Europe with the objective of clinical rehabilitation. Specialists trust that this enzyme has the ability to remedy lung ailments like COPD, owing to the fact that it can break down the mucus in the lungs and airways.

It has been employed mainly for osteoarthritis and other stirring states like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic airway disease. Loads of the most previous explorations were carried out in Japanese laboratories.

Health remunerations of Serrapeptase:

silkworm larvae
Silkworm larvae

Serrapeptase is a biologically present anti-inflammatory enzyme that is generally being used for the following purposes:

As a treatment for arthritia

To defend against heart disease and stroke

Assists better management of dental infections

Inflammatory ailments

Remedies inflammatory ailments by combating inflammation and by dropping the sensation of pain and swelling; and in so doing sinks renewal time and motivates the immune system. It is being reflected on as a possible substitute to ibuprofen and other drugs sold directly to an end -user without a recommendation, from a healthcare expert.

Serrapeptase assimilates lifeless tissue, blood lumps, cysts, tumors, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms. It is a naturally occurring, physiological agent with no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins and is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects. It is a viable alternative to salicylates, ibuprofen and the more potent NSAIDs. Serrapeptase appears to be Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory which has no undesirable side effects

wounds healingSerrapeptase performs a vital task in wound curing and surgical revival. In addition, the curing takes place in a distinctive style.

Serrapeptase blood coagulates

It has been established that Serrapeptase could liquefy blood coagulates and decrease varicose veins. Additional research studies from Germany have established that Serrapeptase could successfully eliminate atherosclerotic plaques without harming any of the fit cells along the arterial wall.

Besides rushing the remedial course, Serrapeptase is identified to have anti-fibrotic features, curtailing scar tissue configuration.

Some definite research investigations from Germany have established that Serrapeptase could efficiently eradicate the build -up of a waxy sticky deposit (plaque) on the inside of blood vessels (without harming any of the cells alongside the arterial wall.)

Serrapeptase in clinical practice in Japan

clinical practice in japan

Serrapeptase is extensively employed in clinical practice in Japan. One exploration assessment in Japan examined the effect of Serrapeptase on sputum properties and symptoms in patients with persistent airway ailments. Subsequent to a month of Serrapeptase treatment, sputum output, viscosity and sputum neutrophilic white blood cell count declined drastically.

In addition, the incidence of coughing and of expectoration also declined. The researchers came to the conclusion that Serrapeptase may put forth an advantageous effect on mucus clearance by dropping neutrophil numbers and altering the elastic and viscous behavior of sputum in patients with continuous airway ailments.

In one more research investigation, individuals with an abrupt onset or unremitting ear, nose or throat ailments found considerable symptom waning with Serrapeptase.

An additional clinical research estimated the effect of Serrapeptase on the elasticity and viscosity of the nasal mucus in adult patients with persistent sinusitis. Serrapeptase was given by mouth for one month. The vibrant thickness of the mucus after a period of one month was considerably lesser than that at the commencement of the treatment. The investigators determined that Serrapeptase may have some function to play in patients with persistent sinusitis.

Current Japanese patents even propose that oral Serrapeptase may assist take care of or avoid viral diseases such as the following: AIDS, Hepatitis C and B.

Most impressive function of Serrapeptase is in overturning any sort of cardiovascular ailment. As a matter of fact, Serrapeptase seems so valuable in removing any obstruction from carotid arteries, that an investigator — Dr. Hans Nieper, the deceased, eminent internist from Hanover, Germany  named it a wonder enzyme.

Research on Serrapeptase

Research on Serrapeptase

Various research investigations verify the resistance of Serrapeptase to blush and it has been used on this basis in the lessening of persistent or brief conditions.

Serrapeptase is commonly used in Europe as an add-on for hurtful injury (e.g. sprains and tattered ligaments), in addition to being used for any inflammation linked with post-surgical patients.

Serrapeptase has been endorsed as a customary therapy for inflammation in loads of European countries. A German research on this enzyme found that it could lessen inflammation by up to fifty percent in post-operative patients. Patients taking Serrapeptase experienced less pain than the control groups and, by the tenth day of the research investigation, all patients taking the

Serrapeptase were completely pain-free. In a research investigation, Serrapeptase was introduced to lessen breast ache, breast swelling in 85.7% of the patients taking the Serrapeptase This is associated with the information that this enzyme holds the ability to break down protein into smaller amino acids and anti-puffiness features.

Fresh research investigations verify the use of this enzyme for the lessening of symptoms linked with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Serrapeptase is presently being considered and used for an enormous assortment of relevance for human health and ailment preclusion. This involves beneficial use for nerve injury, Multiple Sclerosis, persistent ear infections, hay fever, lung clogging, inflamed glands, laryngitis, rhinitis, unceasing pain, arthritis, backache and pain in neck, diabetes mellitus, ulcers, osteoporosis, prostate troubles, rheumatoid arthritis, damages during games and sports, post-operative marks and abrasions, varicose veins, arterial ailments, angina pectoris, blood clots, anti-aging, re-establishment of strong fibrin metabolism and decrease in C-Reactive Protein.

The positive role of Serratopeptase enzyme supplements in the treatment of Malignancies

cancer cell

Cancer cell

Following several years of conflict, systemic enzyme treatment (as an optional extra to general malignancy management) has lastly acquired a footing in the United States of America as well as several other developed countries.

Foundations for unconventional management of malignancy are using enzymes to support in the battle against the malady of cancer. The cancer specialists becoming mindful of the medical benefits (established by these agents) are at the present launching them into the set of programmes/ purpose of things one can do in opposition to the ailment.  The illustrious Naturopathic Dr. Michael Murray endorses the use of systemic enzymes in his composition How to prevent and treat cancer with natural medicine.

Arterial obstruction and blood clots

blood clots

The deceased German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper, used Serrapeptase to take care of arterial obstruction in his patients suffering from coronary heart disease. Serrapeptase has a proven record of protecting his patients in opposition to stroke by using Serrapeptase.

The latter is reportedly more valuable and faster than EDTA Chelation remedy (a treatment by which recurring dispensation of a feeble artificial amino acid (EDTA, ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) slowly but surely diminish atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral residues all through the cardiovascular system by factually liquefying them away) when it is a matter of doing away with arterial plaques.

The German Dr. informed that Serrapeptase liquefies blood clots and causes varicose veins to get smaller as well as reduce in size. Dr. Nieper notified about a woman who was planned for amputation of her hand as well as a guy listed for cardiac bypass surgery; both of them improved swiftly without surgical treatment (after being treated with Serrapeptase

Impact of Serrapeptase on cancer


Cancer specialists all across the globe are appreciating the medical benefit created by Serrapeptase and are therefore incorporating them into the essential remedies of all sorts of cancers. Serrapeptase is a biological catalyst that assists to speed up chemical responses that occur in the human body. 

A deficiency of enzymes can be found in an assortment of ailments counting cancer. Consequently by turning on or by jamming specific enzyme processes and lanes, cancer can be prohibited.

Since Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme (i.e. it assimilates/ liquefies proteins and assists to shatter proteins. Fibrin is a protein produced by our body and whenever it wants to mend tissues it turns on the fibrinolytic system. Furthermore, fibrin is found in clots, tumors, cysts and lifeless cells of all sorts. Serrapeptase enzymes go into the blood flow when taken as a supplement and then take a trip through the blood torrent in search of protein molecules and extra cellular ravage.

The most excellent Way To utilize Serrapeptase:

The finest products generally hold 80,000 IU in every tablet.

  • It should be taken in the form of an oral prescribed amount in which a tablet is covered with a substance to avoid or diminish dissolution in the stomach (gastro-resistant) but permit dissolution in the alkaline atmosphere of the small intestine. An enteric coating is a polymer hurdle put on an oral medication that inhibits its breakdown in the gastric atmosphere. This assists by defending drugs from the acidity of the stomach.
  • Unpolluted Serrapeptase is available in the form of 80,000 IU and the easy to take capsules are prepared under authoritarian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guiding principles and authorization. They are appropriate for vegetarian and vegans.

Supplement information regarding our excellent merchandise:

Our product originates from all vegetarian, non-GMO resources, gluten free, does not hold an animal produce and is totally suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ours is the most superior full-scale systemic and digestive enzyme prescription in the globe and is free from fillers and lethal compounds. This prescription holds digestive enzymes which help absorb fats, sugars, protein, carbohydrates, gluten, soy, dairy, fruits and vegetables, puffed rice, corn flakes, legumes, cellulose, nuts, seeds etc.

  • Serrapeptase=200 mg
  • Serratiopeptidase(20,000 units™ enteric coated granules – 120,000 units per gram)
  • Do not use more than one tablet daily
  • When you buy our product, you are rest assured that you are being paid faithfully what you pay for.
  • At all times, check with a healthcare expert, prior to start using
  • Never indulge in self-medication

Cautions while taking other drugs along with Serrapeptase:

Blood thinners should never be taken with Serrapeptase because such drugs act together with it, thereby enhancing the chances of staining and bleeding. Examples of such medications/substances are:

Fish oil












Enzymes in reality are not frightening at all; on the other hand, they are our tiny associates and we definitely should discover to employ and take pleasure in life owing to their remuneration.

Yeah! By all means, you can use more than one enzyme at a time. Moreover, you can even use a blend of innate enzymes papain, bromelain and rutin. Tentative and scientific investigations illustrate that the exclusive systemic enzymes contained in such blends work to assist the body maintain healthy immune system activity besides supporting the body’s natural tissue restoration procedures.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

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