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Signs of cancer
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Signs of Cancer: Change in Bowel or Bladder

Change in Bowel or Bladder

The first signs of cancer that we have in our acronym is a change in bowel or bladder habits. What are the types of cancer this could reveal? What signs are we looking for exactly? Let’s start out with the boys. Prostate cancer claims the life of 24 out of 100,000 men. The most common sign of this cancer is difficulty in urination or a weak stream during urination. The prostate, whether a sign of cancer or not, can enlarge and start to occlude (pinch off) the urethra.

Although the next few cancers I will discuss can affect both men and women, they still result in the same signs of cancer for both sexes. Almost 18 out of 100,000 people die from colon cancer. Signs of colon cancer are relatively easy to spot. The most common sign of cancer for the colon is blood in your stool. If you notice bright red blood or a very foul smelling, black stool, you need to see your doctor. Also, if you start having difficulties with diarrhea or constipation, this could be a sign of cancer. It doesn’t have to be blood; it could also be mucous

Mucous can be suspected in your stool if you begin to pass loose FROTHY stools. One sign of cancer that might be overlooked is a general feeling of tiredness, cramping in your stomach that isn’t relieved, and weight loss. If you see a little blood on the toilet paper after wiping, it might be caused by hemorrhoids rather than a sign of cancer.

Stomach cancer claims a little over 4 out of 100,000 people’s lives. A lot of the signs of cancer for the stomach are the same as the signs of cancer for the colon. These include blood in your stool and difficulty with diarrhea or constipation. The blood in the stool for stomach cancer would be a little different given the location of the bleed. If the blood is high in the digestive tract, the blood will appear black and have a very foul odor.

Ovarian cancer

Now let’s talk about the girls. Ovarian cancer claims almost 13 out of 100,000 lives every year. Signs of cancer for the ovaries are similar but include frequency or urgency to urinate without the presence of infection, unexplained bowel changes and gastrointestinal upset such as gas. Another type of cancer that shares some of the signs of cancer as above is endometrial cancer. Painful or difficult urination is on the signs of cancer for the endometrium.

As we continue to explore the signs of cancer, you will notice that I will go into detail about the same types of cancers. The reason for this is so we can stay on task with the acronym that I taught you in the about page. Signs of cancer aren’t always what you think. Even if you have one or several signs of cancer that we discuss on this site, it might be nothing! Even if you are diagnosed with a tumor, it might be benign and non-life threatening.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

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