Vitamin b17 amygdalin injectable solution

It has been ascertained that the exceptional native Hunsas community living at the bottom of the Himalayas survived to very long ages prior to their demise. It has been discovered that apricot pips are very much utilized in their food regime, holding elevated levels of vitamin B17, which are trustworthy for having a say in no malignancy confirmed in this region.

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The refined (purified) variety of vitamin B17 is referred to as laetrile. Amygdalin alleviates pain and perks up general health of the user. It is also found to obliterate the enzyme beta-glycosidase in the metabolic pathway of malignant cells and consequently serves to treat malignancy when being used as a treatment. Not only does it hampers the augmentation of tumors but also impedes the dispersal of malignancy. Furthermore, it inhibits the development of malignant cells.

About the product Amygdalin injectable solution:

Laetrile treatment is almost certainly the most excellent and farthest revealed of unconventional malignancy treatments. Laetrile, further than any other material, personifies the logical and theoretical debate that has fumed between followers of unconventional remedies of malignancy as well as the medical founding.

Amygdalin is a portion of a cluster of cyanide-holding material known as Nitriloside, which arises biologically in plants.

Over and over again the expression laetrile and Amygdalin are utilized identically. Laetrile is a thickened extort of Amygdalin organized from apricot pips in particular for anti-malignant treatment. The pulling out procedure was fabricated by Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr., who established the utilization of laetrile in anti-malignancy therapy.

Amygdalin, which is also called vitamin B17, is a relatively simple compound that occurs naturally in much of our food supply. Substantial amounts of Amygdalin are originated in alfalfa, millet, cherries, berries, apricots, peaches, buckwheat, and several types of peas and beans. It is anticipated that it comes about in around 1,200 dissimilar sorts of plants, with the maximum amount found in the pits of non-citrus fruits (those that do not come from the trees of the species Citrus; which are likely to be acidic and comprise lemons, limes, and grapefruits.)

A word about the product:

B17 vitamin for sale is the injectable version of Vitamin B17 comprising 3 gm/10 ml positioned in a box containing ten vials. Every vial contains 3 gm Amygdalin dispersed in ten ml of injectable solution.

As suggested by your physician.

The laetrile set of rules typically comprises dispensing 3 grams of laetrile intravenously every day, six days for every week, for fifteen to twenty-one days. The incidence of intravenous dispensation is steadily lessened, and oral pills are used as the person gets better. While treatment is being carried out, the majority of health centers dispense laetrile intravenously.

Injections straight away into tumors are not recommended. In order to accomplish the best possible intensity of laetrile in a tumor, it needs to be administered into the artery higher than the tumor location. It must be pointed out that intra-arterial dispensation is supposed to be carried out only in a hospital setting by a competent person.


This product is prohibited for pregnant or tending mums; furthermore, kids less than eighteen years of age should check with a healthcare provider prior to using this or any nutritional supplement.

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