Vitamin b17 100 mg 100 tablets Novodalin

Vitamin b17 Novodalin 100 mg 100 capsules. Original product cytopharma Mexico.

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Novodalin b17 100mg is a to a certain extent imitation form of the biological material amygdalin. The latter is plant stuff found biologically in unprocessed nuts and the kernels of numerous fruits, especially apricot seeds. It is also found in plants like clover, lima beans, and sorghum.

Apricot seeds are an indispensable supply of cyanogenic glycosides and laetrile that is well thought-out to be a type of therapy for malignancy.

It is known by several names such as follows:



Amygdalin b17


Mandelonitrile beta D gentiobiose

Mandelonitrile beta-glucuronide

What exactly is Vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17 was the tag given to the decontaminated variety of Amygdalin by a biochemist called Ernst T Krebs. It is a non- lethal biological creation present in more than one thousand foods.

These days Amygdalin is obtained from apricot pips. Vitamin B17 is a booster of your system of immune resistance.

What is the quantity of B17 in each apricot pip?

More or less 10mg of B17 (Amygdalin) is present in each apricot pip.

The significance of usage of B17 supplements:

 It is alleged that a sensible and well-adjusted diet is crucial to a hale and hearty life.  Since not many of you use an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins from the cuisine you consume, therefore supplements of vitamins become obligatory for the most favorable performance of your body.

Vitamin B17 is merely one among the numerous vitamins your body requires.

The amount of vitamin B17 should one consume daily?

Amount differs from one individual to another, based on their requirements; however, the majority of patrons ask for a high quantity of Vitamin B17 100 mg tablets; such individuals can utilize the intense form in Vitamin b17 100 mg pills.

Before consumption, it is better to investigate whether the product you are purchasing is being sold by some genuine company. You should seek advice from your naturopath prior to initiation of usage of this pill.

Adverse effects of Vitamin B17 100 mg tablets:

Various individuals feel slight unpleasant effects when initially using apricot pips; the reason is that the majority of individuals don’t frequently consume foods that have an intense amount of vitamin B17 100 mg tablets.

Adverse effects may occur in the form of a headache or giddiness but they are transitory.


Store novodalin b17 100mg in a cold waterless place

B17 vitamin for sale is not a medicine; it is a food supplement. However, it should be kept out of the range of kids.

Never use this supplement if the external safety stop is found conked out.

In case you experience an unpleasant reaction, postpone the usage of this product straight away.

All the time update your doctor at any time you start using food supplements.

Seek the advice of your doctor if you intend to use any allopathic medication at the same time as using this product.

Pregnant ladies, as well as those breastfeeding their young, should ask for the advice of their doctor before using this product

The use of this product is the liability of whoever proposes it or whoever uses it

You can also see our other much stronger product Novodalin b17 500 mg that has shown promising results.

How to use vitamin B17 Novodalin Metabolic therapy


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