Vidatox homeopatic product 30 ch

What is a remedy in minor quantities; is a toxin in larger quantities and the other way round. That is what an old-fashioned aphorism expresses and its authority is long-established. A novel homeopathic drug Vidatox prepared from blue scorpion poison cures many types of carcinoma in humans, according to Cuban scientists.

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Vidatox homeopathic product 30 ch 30 ml

Blue scorpion (Rhopalurus Junceus) lives on Cuba and it was called after its blue tail at the culmination of which is scorpion’s legendary tingle.

Vidatox is a medicine created from five protein peptides hauled out from the poison of the blue scorpion (Rophalorus junceus), which is prevalent in Cuba and possesses pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-malignant influence in above fifteen dissimilar positions of malignant cells. The outcome of fifteen years of exploration, by October 2010 Vidatox had been verified on above ten thousand patients; and around three thousand five hundred amongst them were refugees, with encouraging outcomes both in recovering value of life and bringing an end to the progression of the tumor.

Labiofam Vidatox production

Labiofam, a Cuban pharmaceutical test center, unconfined a new-fangled homeopathic anti-malignant medicine to the intercontinental promotion. Advertised as Vidatox, it is the consequence of toil by Cuban biologist, Misael Bordier with the virulence of the blue scorpion. The medicine was created from more than five thousand scorpions of the Rhopalurus junceus type, native to eastern Cuba. As stated by the establishment, it has no admonitions and is harmonious with any other oncological management.

The establishments gave away the consequences of its Vidatox exploration in its leading universal convention in late September in Havana in front of some five hundred emissaries from all fractions of the sphere.

Vidatox Global Legislature: Consequences of Technical Exploration

Report on the Current Situation Regarding Vidatox 30 CH:

The custom of natural merchandises in customary and unconventional medicine is extensively applied these days. Precisely, the venom of scorpion has not been considered extensively and a few years back began their prospective pharmacological validation.

In Cuba, there are thirty-two types and subtypes of scorpions, counting twenty-eight rampant amid the most common being the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus which has been used in customary medicine to use under the Cuban belly in case of holding of urine and development of some ailments.

The 30 CH VIDATOX ® is the listed brand for the medicine homeopathic and natural (health record: H-11 – 038 – NO2) acquired from Junceus Rhopalurus scorpion virulence, prevalent in Cuba, designated as an accessory remedy in the management of symptoms produced by outcomes of malignancy and pain alleviation. The verdict to generate is the outcome of more than fifteen years of an exploration venture directed at the depiction of the virulence and appraising their perspective as anti-malignancy representative, painkiller, anti-inflammatory, and toxicological protection.

Established on the substantiation of protection and usefulness delivered by the preclinical exploration, VIDATOX 30 CH was employed in an organized investigation of one hundred and seventy-four malignancy patients of both sexes with histopathological verdict authorized, which was managed five drops under the tongue, every twelve hours.

Testers were congregated by setting, neoplastic relatives, phase progression of the sickness, management acquired and the existence of neoplasia. At the finale of the research episode (which was two years) it was found that this medicine had the most subtle influence on the following organs of the body:




prostate, colon,



Likewise, it is verified that dispensation of this medicine in ninety-six percent of patients directed to the survival of more than twelve months, irrespective of the site and phase of sickness, particularly in those patients for whom there were no management choices accessible in orthodox medicine.

As one more significant clinical upshot may be declared that ninety percent of patients who took VIDATOX ® 30 CH in the specified prescribed amount testified recovery of clinical symptoms centered on discussion, and in sixty-two percent of them preliminary pain progressed into an insignificant form that did not necessitate management essentially to their reprieve, whereas twenty-seven percent confirmed nonexistence of pain. This final characteristic of  this medicine’s colossal influence on the value of existence of patients, is essential to point out that sixty-two percent of patients with existence of uncompromising pain with persistent need for medicine (stage 2), following management succeeded in the situation of negligible or modest pain short of medicine (stage 1).

In general in patients consist of the testers, who were directed here, the following features were noted:

Decline in pain

Depreciation in inflammation

Change for the better in hematologic issues

Recovery of desire to eat

Step up of over-all health

Recovered function in organs and systems disturbed

Weight improvement

Lessening of a cough

Yearning to live

It is deduced that the usage of 30 CH VIDATOX ®, can perk up the worth of life, improve existence and decelerate tumor development without instigating unwanted symptoms, unlike cytostatic radioactivity to which the malignant patients are usually exposed.

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