Natural Immune System Boosters

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What is the Immune System?

Immune system facts, everyone who aims to be healthy should be aware of these. What is the immune system? How can you tell if you have a poor immune system and what natural immune system boosters are there? You really don’t have to live life in a bubble!

The immune system is the body’s defense system. It helps to guard against infectious organisms. If you have a poor immune system you will probably feel quite ill or very run down and possibly develop a break out of all types of irritating skin conditions.

The gastrointestinal system can be a breeding ground for bad bacteria, at times the good bacteria that are present often have a hard time fighting these off although there are times infectious organisms manage to take a hold and you develop what is commonly known as a poor immune system.

There are two ways by which the immune system works. One is called humoral immunity. This system relies on the body’s ability to produce protein defense molecules called antibodies.

Knowing about these immune system facts and how it works, we can actually help ourselves. The real trick is not to activate it. Problems with the immune system mean genuine problems for us all.

Immune System Facts

When foreign bodies like germs enter the body, or through the pores of your skin the immune system is activated and it starts producing specific antibodies for the specific foreign object or antigen.

    Building Up Your Immune System

     antifungal, antiviral

    Knowing these immune system facts makes it possible to determine the best way to strengthen the immune system and make it more efficient and effective.

    Ways to boost the immune system often results in a visit to your doctor. Yes, it easy to visit your doctor when you feel unwell, which of course is always advisable. However, most of these times we are just feeling generally low.

    A visit to the doctor will more often than not result with you coming away with a prescription made up from artificial pills and potions. These are all man made inventions designed and invented to enable the body to fight off infections.

    These will include antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial medications designed to help fight infections.

    However, one of the most important immune system facts is that because of the over use of these, we are developing an immunity towards them and they stop working.

    Antibacterial drugs like antibiotics were designed to directly destroy specific bacteria, antiviral drugs are designed to target specific viruses and antifungal drugs attack fungi.

    However, these drugs are not without risks.Some of these drugs can actually have serious side effects that can cause more harm than good.

    Their overuse may also cause the targeted bacteria and viruses to develop immunity to the medications which apart from rendering them ineffective can also be guilty of causing further problems such as yeast infections.

    Natural Immune System Boosters – Immune System Facts

    By understanding food nutrition facts it is possible to help ourselves by creating a safe and clean environment which does not allow the spread of bad bacteria or viruses. it is possible to build your body’s immune system by what you eat.

    Food choices are something of which we do have control over. By choosing foods that help the body bulk up its defense system we really can help prevent illness, general feelings of depression, keeps our skin glowing and even help us to keep Healthy Eyes.

    Building up your immune system will give you far more energy, will make you feel great and most importantly using natural immune system booster’s gives you and your family an excellent chance to stay healthy during the dreaded flu season and beyond.

    Best Immune System Boosters

    natural immune system

    Apart from making healthy food choices with the use of good food nutrition facts you may be surprised to know that honey contains completely natural antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial substances all essential for building a strong immune system.

    It is great nutritional food and the Benefits of Eating Honey have surprised even the most sceptical. This natural food source is not called The Food of Gods for any old reason.

    One of the best natural immune system facts to know is the fact that it is possible to build your body’s immune system by what you eat.

    Food choices are something which we can control. By choosing foods that help the body bulk up its defence system we can help prevent illness.

    • Eating yogurt regularly allows the active acidophilus to enter into the gastrointestinal tract and helps strengthen the infection fighting digestive system.
    • Other foods that are important in helping boost the immune system are whole grains.
    • Garlic: It is a natural antibacterial, antiviral and antibiotic food.
    • Ginger: especially fresh root ginger, this is one of the best sources of magnesium, vitamin B6, copper, potassium and manganese and potent antioxidants.
    • Apple cider vinegar and honey: is nutrient dense containing calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, pectin, sodium, phosphorous, sulphur, fluorine and chlorine Pectin.
    • Lemon with Honey: cleanses your whole system whilst also giving your immune system a complete boost.
    • Propolis: the most powerful natural antibiotic there is.

    Just as is mentioned in the Koran I too recommend eating it daily both as a prevention and cure to most unnecessary diseases. It is by far one of the most natural immune system boosters you can treat yourself to.


    Michael Richardson

    Michael Richardson

    I am a nutritionist and healthcare practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I am a medical article writer, blog writer. My passion is to help people. My favorite quote is:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

    2 thoughts on “Natural Immune System Boosters

    • can a woman with breast cancer eats honey? many say (and my nutritionist also says) should not eat because it has sugar and also say she should not eat dates .
      I would be very grateful if you would answer my question
      Best Regards

      • Hello, it depends. There is one type of diet so-called Boudvig diet where you can eat honey, and it is recommended. Also, there is baking soda and maple syrup treatment for cancer. In some therapies for cancer, it is not recommended.

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