What is Laetrile B17 – What is vitamin B17 good for

laetrile cancer killer
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What is Laetrile B17?

The phrase laetrile originates from two words:



The term is employed to illustrate a decontaminated variety of the chemical amygdalin b17. The latter is a plant composite that holds sugar and constructs cyanide, which is supposed to be the lively component in laetrile which slays malignancy.

Vitamin B17 has an alchemic designation of laetrile; it is essentially the decontaminated variety of amygdalin. The latter is a stuff that is most rampant in apricot seeds; all the same it is also found in several other foods.

Vitamin B17 can be consumed either by means of apricot seeds or, in much lesser quantities, by consuming other foods which contain the stuff. Or else, it can be consumed in the form of tablets which are usually obtainable in the strengths of vitamin B17 100 mg tablets or vitamin b17 pills 500 mg 100 tablets.

Dr Ernst T. Krebs

Dr Ernst T. Krebs

The accomplishment of Dr. Ernest T.Krebs Junior

 Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. is the life scientist and research worker who originally segregated Laetrile vitamin B17 in apricot seeds and also exposed vitamin B15. Following years of investigation and analysis, he was assured of the remedial worth of Laetrile. To demonstrate that it was not lethal to human beings, he introduced it into his arm. As he had expected, there were no hurtful or upsetting adverse consequences. However, at the same time, he came to find out that amygdalin b17 novodalin had no dangerous outcomes on typical cells but was lethal to malignant cells.

Malignant cells
Malignant cells

What is vitamin B17 good for?

When the laetrile complex molecule encounters a malignant cell, it is conked out into the following molecules:

Two molecules of glucose

One molecule of hydrogen cyanide

One molecule of benzaldehyde

During the primitive days of laetrile exploration, it was understood that the hydrogen cyanide molecule was the chief molecule associated with the slaughter of molecules of malignant cells; however, later it was discovered that it is the benzaldehyde molecule that is responsible for slaying the malignant cells.

The explanation as to why the laetrile treatment requires lots of time period to perform its function, despite the spectacular blueprint of the laetrile molecule, is for the reason that if the laetrile molecule comes about to chemically act in response to the enzyme of a non-malignant cell (i.e. rhodanese a mitochondrial enzyme that detoxifies cyanide by converting it to thiocyanate), previous to its reaction with the enzyme of a malignant cell (i.e. beta-Glucosidase an enzyme of the hydrolase class that splits glucoside and beta-Glucosidase), the rhodanese will split the laetrile molecule in such a manner that it will no more be capable of slaying a malignant cell.

Consequently one has to acquire an adequate amount of laetrile molecules, for an extended period of time, so that a sufficient amount of laetrile molecule inadvertently strikes all of the malignant cells primarily.

what is vitamin b17 good for

What is Laetrile B17?

Like any remedy for malignancy, the point to begin is with the foodstuff we are supposed to consume. It would almost certainly be healthier to basically follow an unprocessed food diet that lays emphasis on laetrile.

For this purpose, we have to cultivate a fondness for seeds of fruits (like apples, peaches, plums, and apricots.) Laetrile and our brand Novodalin b17 is also present in alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots, grains, nuts etc. Moreover, we need to ensure that we acquire a daily allowance of the nutrients that are needed for laetrile to perform; and they are as follows:

Zinc: This mineral serves as the transportation instrument for laetrile

Manganese: This mineral assists the human body to form connective tissue, bones, sex hormones and blood clotting factors)

Magnesium: This mineral is required for the performance of three hundred plus functions in the body. It assists to keep up the standard nerve and muscle performance above and beyond sustaining a vigorous system of immunity in the body. It also maintains the beating of heart stable and assists bones to remain physically powerful.

Selenium: It is an indispensable trace mineral, meaning thereby that our body ought to acquire this mineral in the cuisine we consume. Diminutive quantities of selenium are superior for our health.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid): This should be utilized on a daily basis; we may use up to six grams of this vitamin every day.

Besides the aforementioned, we also need vitamin B6, B9, vitamin B12, E, and A.

It goes without saying that there are perhaps as many diverse varieties of anti-malignancy remedy as are various varieties of malignancy.

Noteworthy accomplishment has been acquired in the management of Hodgkin’s disease, certain leukemias, and various other sorts of malignancies. The majority of skin carcinomas can be eagerly managed with laetrile. This also holds true for internal malignancies such as adenocarcinoma (concerning the lungs, breast, intestinal tract etc.). It has been observed that when an adenocarcinoma and a few of the sarcomas spread to other sites of the body, most usual conservative modes of treatment are found to be unsuccessful and the prospects of the patients are very unfortunate. Such patients should be endorsed to utilize amygdalin (Laetrile) treatment.

A word about the conventional chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has never been revealed to have remedial effects for malignancy. It never abolishes the following malignancies:

Those of lung

Those of breast

Those of the large intestine

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been recognized to harm the fecundity of patients. Chemotherapy has to do with destroying the speedily budding cancer cells and also annihilates swiftly mounting vigorous and strong cells in the alimentary canal etc and can produce organ destruction such as those of lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys.

 Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can trigger mutation of malignant cells which subsequently become resilient and hard to wipe out. So far so good, now let’s return back to Laetrile and discuss its other uses which are given below:

Various other uses of Laetrile

Laetrile assists to lessen the pain connected with arthritis; it facilitates to uphold the broad-spectrum physical condition and good health of an individual. It also reinforces the body’s capability to oppose infections such as flu and colds. It halts the process of aging and is a good reliever of aches and pains in the body.

The bottom line:

Alternate medicinal therapy is the best mode of treatment for the humankind.

Laetrile is great substance

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