Introduction to metabolic therapy with vitamin b17

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It should be stressed that anyone seeking healing through natural means should consult a physician with knowledge in the field of complementary or nutritional therapy, especially with serious or potentially life-threatening situations.

This is merely a basic outline for nutritional support until those who are seeking professional help are able to find it. Quite often experienced physicians are booked for obvious reasons.

Because everyone is unique in their personal health needs, it is impossible to lay out a specific protocol that everyone should follow.

However, there are certain basics that can be outlined. First, it should be clearly and unquestionably noted by all that THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER.  Those physicians that are practicing alternative and complementary medicine are utilizing therapies and techniques that are designed to bolster the immune system and correct imbalances in the system that have allowed tumors to flourish.

Traditional medicine and alternative medicine

traditional medicine

According to traditional orthodox medicine, when the tumors disappear the patient is in remission. If they live 5 years after diagnosis, they are cured.  If they live only 5 years and 1 day, they are still considered a cure by orthodox medicine standards even when they eventually succumbed to the disease! 

Alternative and complementary physicians look at the picture entirely differently. Instead of viewing the tumor as the disease, they view it as a SYMPTOM of the disease. If they are able to bolster your immune system and enhance it with other natural approaches, then the approach becomes one of helping your whole body to engage in repairing the nutritional deficiency that led to tumors forming in the first place. This is where the term Wholistic (or holistic) medicine came from. However, if one is able to eradicate tumors through this approach, they must remember that the body is NOT cured just because the tumors disappeared.

If one were to return to their previous unhealthy lifestyle, the body eventually returns to its deficient state and the symptoms reappear. Quite often when this happens, the symptoms reappear in a far more aggressive nature.  Make no mistake about it. There is NOT a cure for cancer, and THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET APPROACH TO KILLING CANCER CELLS. Anyone who is using the term cancer cure is either ill-informed or is attempting to profit from selling you the “cure”. 

How to impact on tumors


Please keep in mind as you read this general outline that those who are experienced in treating cancer with a nutritional approach use a combination of dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, and diet. Those who preach that this combination is unnecessary are not your friends and are not doing you any favors.

Even those physicians in the Orthodox world will now tell you that diet is important to your overall recovery as they cut, burn, and poison in an attempt to treat the symptom known as the tumor. The tumor to the orthodox physician is considered the disease itself.

But how many times have we heard that someone is cured only to succumb to the ravages of the disease a year or two after the “cure”? It is because the symptom was in remission, but the disease went merrily along. If you do nothing to correct the imbalance that allowed the tumors to come into existence in the first place, then it is plain simple logic that tells you that the condition still exists like a ticking time bomb.

This is a general outline used by many physicians who practice the complimentary or nutritional approach to cancer therapies. We have also attempted to show some of the variables commonly used, but we would like to once again stress above all that there is no substitute to working with a trained and/or experienced health care practitioner who usually attempt to tailor these therapies for each individual patient with such conditions.

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Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

I am a nutritionist and healthcare practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I am a medical article writer, blog writer. My passion is to help people. My favorite quote is:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

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