Enzyme Therapy for Cancer & Digestive Diseases

digestive enzymes
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Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins function as stimulating and accelerating various biological reactions in human body. Pancreatic enzymes act by breaking down digested food, aiding in the process of absorption, while metabolic enzymes help new cell formation and repair damaged ones in the blood. The importance of enzymes is clearly demonstrated by many health professionals for people with digestive conditions, such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and ulcers.

For better functionality, minerals and vitamins in our body need enzymes for proper utilization within various body organs and tissues.

Dr. John Beard

Dr. John Beard

It is noteworthy that enzymes might have a role in cancer treatment as what was proved by Dr. John Beard (England in first years of twentieth century), when he found a relation between relieving cancer in mice by using pancreatic enzymes. This was further studied later by the dentist Dr. William Donald Kelley who treated many of his patients using the same enzymes. Dr. Kelly then had twenty years’ experience treating patients depending on the enzyme regimen set by Dr. Beard without any surgical or chemotherapeutic interventions.

Certain protein can act as a cover for cancer cells for protection. If this protein is removed, the cancer cell will be liable to be affected by leukocytes leading to its death. On the other hand, if our body is unable to penetrate this protein coating, the cancer cells survive and begin to spread in distant areas within the body.

Dr. William Donald Kelley

Dr. William Donald Kelley

The integration of enzymes as an approach for treatment of one of the drug resistant tumors in pancreas was studied in mice. Injecting the enzyme around tumor led to melting of the hard substance surrounding the tumor allowing the chemotherapeutic agent for better entry and destruction of cancer cells. It was clearly demonstrated that enzymes have the ability to discriminate their defective target cells rather than healthy cells. This selective identification shall possibly result in promoting the ability of immune system to overcome cancerous cells. Thus, Dr. Roni DeLuz advised cancer patients to take higher doses of enzymes and healthy ones to regularly take lower doses for prevention.

Cooking Food and Enzymes

Ripe raw food naturally contains enzymes that help digestion when it remains for 30-45 minutes in the upper stomach. After that, pancreatic enzymes begin to further digest the nutrients into simpler forms. Since the diet of most people is not containing enough raw food, the natural enzymes will be deficient and hence biological processes will be dramatically inhibited. Moreover, things will get worse in people receiving chemotherapy and radiation.

Cooked food contains few or no enzymes, and it resembles a bulk that is poorly predigested in the stomach. Then the body needs to compensate the enzymatic shortage from its own enzymatic reserve in various organs and tissues, mainly pancreas and endocrine organs. This can be considered a stressful state for the body, as the less predigestion of food before reaching small intestine will yield greater stress on the body.

Generally, the resulting metabolic disturbance will lead to development of cancer, diabetes and many chronic illnesses. Studies had shown that the pancreas was found to be enlarged in approximately all Americans when they reach 40 years old, possibly due to enzyme-deficient diet.  

The life span of each person will rely on the degree of enzymatic exhaustion which can be reduced through exogenous administration of enzymes to take off stress from pancreas and the whole body.

Benefits of Enzymes

better digested
  • Decreased stomach acidity and subsequent reduction in indigestion.
  • Since complex carbohydrates are now better digested before reaching the intestine, the feeling of having gas and bloating will be reduced. Also improved protein digestion shall result in decreased food allergies.
  • For people with lactose intolerance, enzyme therapy will help digestion of dairy products.
  • Increased overall body energy because the enzymatic stress on the body is now relieved and it was energy consuming.
  • Enzymes can help relief from ulcers. This will be more explained at the end of this article.

Types of Enzymes can be used

You can get benefit from various types of enzymes including protease (for protein digestion), carbohydrases for carbohydrates and starch digestion, and lipase for fat digestion. Cellulase is best acting for fiber cellulose breakage into smaller units. Lactase can be used for proper digestion of dairy products.

Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple. It aids protein digestion and enters as a constituent in pancreatic enzyme formula. It also helps in reducing inflammation and joint swelling. Another formula can be beneficial and could be considered a comprehensive enzyme supplementation for digestion is called “Digase”.

Pancreatin is a complex produced in the spleen, including several enzymes released into intestine and bloodstream. It helps the digestion of carbohydrates, protein, and starch. Digestive enzymes supplementation taken with meals can aid better digestion with the aid of pancreatin.

Enzyme supplementation between meals


We discussed the role of proteolytic enzymes when taken with meals. If you take them between meals, they possess another vital role in the body.

Partially digested proteins can be absorbed to blood stream, but the body will consider them as invaders. Antibodies can couple with them forming circulating immune complexes (CICs) which are neutralized in the lymphatic system. In persons with impaired immune system, CICs will accumulate in the body leading to inflammation. Pancretic enzymes have the ability to break down CICs to facilitate their renal excretion.

So, taking pancreatic enzymes between meals will not direct them for food digestion and instead they will enter bloodstream and help breaking CICs.

Moreover, both intestinal and blood pancreatic enzymes have the ability to clear out some viruses, inflammatory products and scar tissue. Also many healers use them to help cure several conditions such as inflammation, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Digestive Enzymes and Ulcers


Enzymes can help relief from ulcers in two different mechanisms. First, decreased demand of acid secretion in the stomach due to proper pre-digestion during the first minutes after swallowing will eventually lead to lowering acid secretion in the stomach. Thus, the reserve capability of acids will be increased due to decreased demand. Second, protease (one of digestive enzymes) will affect the coating of H. Pylori bacteria which is responsible for many types of ulcers. But BE CAREFUL! Protease can cause serious damage to stomach lining if the patient is suffering from severe ulcer. The patient is then recommended to start using small amounts of supplement together with meals.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

I am a nutritionist and healthcare practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I am a medical article writer, blog writer. My passion is to help people. My favorite quote is:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

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