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Nutrition in Food We All Need to Know Food Nutrition Facts

Arm yourself with food nutrition facts, discover the nutrition in food and most importantly why we need to understand the nutritional value of food. It is no secret that since WW2 we have become unhealthier. Diseases that were quite rare or not really a problem are worryingly and alarmingly on the increase. When we are Read more about Nutrition in Food We All Need to Know Food Nutrition Facts[…]

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Separating amygdalin Myth From Reality

Amygdalin or laetrile? Is the amygdalin an alternative to modern day cancer treatment procedures out there today? A fascinating subject that for many years have not reached a generally acceptable conclusion. Will it ever replace modern day therapies?   Are there researchers to backup this assertions? We’ll unveil to you one of the most comprehensible facts Read more about Separating amygdalin Myth From Reality[…]

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How to Get the Most From Your dietary supplements

About 114 million Americans take dietary supplements on a regular basis — spending an estimated $25 billion a year on these natural products in the hopes of improving their health. While a healthy lifestyle, not supplements, should be at the “core” of your health care regimen, supplements can help to fill in gaps due to your diet, Read more about How to Get the Most From Your dietary supplements[…]

Amygdalin B17

Amygdalin B17 : the untold truth behind the cover up

The human race has always been plagued by one pestilence or the other, And cancer isn’t one that will bring an end to it not even in a thousand years to come. We’ve always relied totally on medical doctors and their various programs designed to combat this health menace that is currently ravaging precious human Read more about Amygdalin B17 : the untold truth behind the cover up[…]

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Do you Need Vitamin C Supplements?

Ascorbic Acid (ascorbic acidity) could be questionable. You will find debates about how exactly expensive is safe to supplement along with a common insufficient understanding about how it’s saved and used in your body. Ascorbic Acid in your body Ascorbic Acid can be used in your body in many ways: Formation of bovine collagen, a Read more about Do you Need Vitamin C Supplements?[…]

New Study Reveals the Vitamin You Can’t Ignore

Mom sure knew what she was talking about when she made sure you took your vitamin every day. Unfortunately, you may have left that habit at the breakfast table since growing up. A recent study showed that a shocking 25 percent of American adults are deficient in a very important vitamin. Are you? Keep reading Read more about New Study Reveals the Vitamin You Can’t Ignore[…]

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Vitamin C as therapy for cancer

In the recent years, the trend of using nutrition in treatment and prevention of various diseases was continuously decreasing in favor of emerging therapeutic medications which are mainly relying on their own chemical composition. However, in the past five decades, it had been demonstrated that the non-chemical vitamins and minerals are what we truly need Read more about Vitamin C as therapy for cancer[…]

Vitamin B12 deficiency and Cancer

Although sources of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) are mainly animal products, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 is relatively common in USA, as it was found that in every four adults there is one person with vitamin B12 deficiency. This condition was shown to be related to higher risks of developing certain types of cancers.  The normal Read more about Vitamin B12 deficiency and Cancer[…]

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What is Laetrile B17 – What is vitamin B17 good for

What is Laetrile B17? The phrase laetrile originates from two words: Laevorotatory Mandelonitrile The term is employed to illustrate a decontaminated variety of the chemical amygdalin b17. The latter is a plant composite that holds sugar and constructs cyanide, which is supposed to be the lively component in laetrile which slays malignancy. Vitamin B17 has Read more about What is Laetrile B17 – What is vitamin B17 good for[…]