digestive enzymes

Enzyme Therapy for Cancer & Digestive Diseases

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins function as stimulating and accelerating various biological reactions in human body. Pancreatic enzymes act by breaking down digested food, aiding in the process of absorption, while metabolic enzymes help new cell formation and repair damaged ones in the blood. The importance of enzymes is clearly demonstrated by many health professionals Read more about Enzyme Therapy for Cancer & Digestive Diseases[…]

honey for acid reflux

Curing heartburn when pills don’t work A honey of a suggestion

“I feel fine except for my chronic heartburn,” a young woman told me a few months ago during a follow-up visit. Happily, with tests indicating that her breast cancer remained in remission, we had the luxury of focusing that day on her dyspepsia. Bad heartburn Bad heartburn symptoms had started during a pregnancy .She saw Read more about Curing heartburn when pills don’t work A honey of a suggestion[…]

Common digestive conditions

Common digestive conditions

Our digestive tract is considered to be the largest organ in our body, where digestion & absorption take place, immune cells are produced and it also provides a home for over 50 trillion bacteria (known as the microflora). It is not surprising that many health care professionals are linking conditions that are seemingly not directly Read more about Common digestive conditions[…]