Special Tissues

Special Tissues

Muscle and nerve are both excitable tissues specialized for specific functions. The types and physiology of muscle has been covered in detail elsewhere. Blood can be thought of as a specialized connective tissue with cells embedded in a fluid extracellular matrix containing soluble fibrillar proteins. Therefore, here we discuss the basic features of nervous tissue and blood. Read more about Special Tissues[…]

weight loss plan

Diets weight loss for beginners

In general, nutritious diets should contain a variety of foods while making an effort to shift from fatty foods to more carbohydrates, from simple to complex carbohydrates, from saturated to unsaturated fats and reduce total energy intakes to achieve an optimum weight. Cholesterol and salt intakes should be limted while fiber, fresh fruit and vegetable Read more about Diets weight loss for beginners[…]

coca cola cancer

Does the colour in cola cause cancer? A reality check

First, I must make the following disclosure: I can’t remember the last time I drank a Coke, Pepsi or any other brand of cola. If it had to depend on me, the soft-drink industry would not exist. Second, I must share a fond, but quirky, memory with you. Back in my medical school days, I Read more about Does the colour in cola cause cancer? A reality check[…]