Cancer test – Identify malignancy when it is almost the size of a pea

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How to gauge your steps forward regarding the presence/absence of malignancy?

Two fresh very insightful blood investigations, which are both approximately 85-90% successful in screening malignancy, are accessible straightforwardly to the end user.

It is vital to use the identical blood test each time; the results of diverse tests cannot be judged against each other.

The CA Profile (Kelley):

This blood and urine cancer test assess an arrangement of six biomarkers which when taken together have a recognized association to the progress and headway of malignancy. Three of the pointers are tumor indicators, and the other three markers peep at the downstream outcomes of malignancy on your organs and the system of bodily resistance. It is optional for identifying the quantity of malignancy.

Navarro Urine Cancer Test:

This straightforward urine cancer test is an excellent way to assess your malignancy. Despite the fact that it is not as precise as the other procedures, yet it can afford very good evidence as to how much malignancy you are facing e.g.  Somebody in cutback or who is not certain if they have malignancy should take this investigation after every six months to perceive if there is any escalation of malignancy.

Remarks about the PSA test

The PSA cancer test has been publicized to be practically useless, yet conventional medicine keeps on using it.

Thermography (the Infrared thermography)

At the same time as the aforementioned tests acquaint you with “how much” malignancy you have, they don’t tell you the location where malignancy is.

For those who call for precise facts about the location where their malignancy is, thermographs can make available that data. These are generally presented in most cities. They entail infrared cameras where malignancy shows off as red splotches owing to heat caused by the malignant cells e.g. most cases of breast malignancy are caused by oral contamination. In that case, thermographs can demonstrate a red splotch (i.e. infection) in the mouth, and a red dash (malignancy) in the breast(s) and one / two slim red lines between the two splotches the red streaks signify the infection scattering by way of the lymph system from the oral cavity to the malignancy in the breasts.

We continually affirm that malignancy is caused by microorganisms and thermographs can be a convincing illustration that this is right.

Barium Enema Test

This cancer test necessitates a barium enema pursued by a radiograph. It should inform a patient where the malignancy is and give a fine suggestion of how much malignancy is there.

Mentioned below are some other investigations:

  • Biopathy
  • ANS test
  • Hair analysis

More information about cancer test


CA Profile cancer test

CA Profile or cancer profile is one of the most important test developed by doctors to detect cancer several years before the signs and symptoms of cancer appears. The CA Profile was developed for early detection of canvers and for monitoring therapy success.

Due to CA Profile tumor makers could be detected in the blood several years and can be diagnosed easily.

CA Profile test was first developed by Dr Schandl after great years of reading, testing and experimentation. And Dr Schandl has worked for  years in the early detection of cancer and than develop a cancer test which he named as CA profile or cancer profil.

The CA Profile is composed of 6 important tests

The first and formost test is HCG i.e human chorionic gonadotropin, this test is tested under  3 methodologies,the first method is Serum Chumiluminescence Assay, the second method is Immunordiometris Assay and the last method is Urine Quantitative Chemiluminescence Assay.

The second test is PHI (Phosphohoxose Isomerase Enzymes), it was elevated in canver of different organs of the body.

The third test is CEA (Carinoembryonic Antigen), this test is a broad spectrum cancer maker,it is proved to be sensitive in case of metastasized bone cancer. It can also be elevated in all sorts of cancer, but it is very prevalent in breast cancer and colon cancer.

The fourth test is GGTP. This is one of the sensitive test for the liver, it is not a tumor maker but it may be elevated as a result of either cancer spread or toxic therapy.

The fifth test is THS (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) this hormone is used to diagnose thyroid disorder in person with symptoms.

And the last and sixth hormone is DHEA-S. This hormone is present in the immune system of human aand can help in detect cancer.

In CA Profile blood and urine test measures a combination of six biomakers. In these biomakers  3 of the biomakers are tumor makers and the other 3 look at te downstream effects of cancer on your organs.

This method us recommended to detect the amount of cancer in the body. This whole process can bedone in 10 to 12 days. Most of the doctors recommended this test for detecting cancer because this test is more cheaper than the others and is risk free and not harmful.

Because is test is less sensitive than xrays and this test is without exposure to radiations.

As you all know that any test or treatment that engaged with radiation are very harmful and there is risk of radiations.

Three cancer makers

The three cancer makers i.e HCG, PHI  and CEA was very useful in detecting many cancer such as 92% of breast cancer patients was detected by these tumor makers, 97% of lung cancer was diagnosed and 93% of colon cancer were detectedby these three tumor makers.

Also included in the profile are the DHEA-S, TSH, and GGTP tests.  These are peripherally related to cancer.  The rationale is that people with either low thyroid activity, low adrenal activity, or abnormal GGTP results seem to be predisposed to cancer.

Including these 6 tumor makers or test other test were also recommended by tge doctors which are follows.The first is PSA which is used to detect prostate cancer in men whose age is 40 or above.

The second test is CA 125 which is used for residual epithelial cancer of ovary,the other is CA 15.3, it is a breast cancer maker and the last one is CA 19.9, it is a test for gastric and pancreatic cancer.

Now I am telling you what are the reasons to take this test or what sign and symptoms of cancer due to which your doctor advised you to take the test. Following are the main symptoms of cancer and reasons for the test.

– Blood in stool and urine

– Suddenly constipation and vomiting

– Histoty of coughing and hoarseness in the voice

– Prostatic hypertrophy

– Extreme chronic stress and depression

These are some reason or symptoms to have the cancer test but these are few reeasons there many reason of this test and due to this reasons your doctor recommended you such kind of cancer tests.

The Cancer Profile gives early warning signs, but it also can be used to monitor establish. Many researches shows reports that men who had had their diseased prostates removed had distinctly lower levels of both PSA and HCG, compared with those patients with tumors.

The markers may also serve as a warning signal of the prospect for renewed problems.

Cervical cancer study

A Japanese study reported in 1992 that a fragment of beta HCG, elevated in patients with cervical cancer, showed decreased levels in 24 out of 28 patients following successful treatment.

However, of the other patients whose HCG levels remained high, half subsequently relapsed.


Navarro urine cancer test

Navarro urine test is one of the main test which is used to detect the presence of cancer cells in the body.This is a simple test which is done by urine sample of the person who wants to have the test.

The Navarro urine test was developed in the late 1930s by the famous oncologist,Dr Manuel D.Navarro.So in his surname the test was named as Navarro urine cancer test.Navvaro urine test detects the presence of HCG (Human chorionic gaonadotropin) in urine.

HCG is a hormone which is used to cause ovolution and to treat infertility in women and to increase sperm count in men.

Navarro urine test helps in detection of cancer cells even before the signs and symptoms appears. The Navaro urine test is based on the theory proposed by Dr Noward Beard and other researchers. Cancer detected by this test is based on the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine.

The higher the number of HCG found,the greater the severity of the cancer. For example,a score of 50 or above, means you likely have cancer but when the score in less than 50 you likely dont have cancer.

This cancer test is very useful that if anyone has cancer and he knew that so he or she can treat this as soon as it spread all over the body. People who do not have cancer can also take this test to get an early warning about the cancer.

This which I told you is the history and function of Navarro urine test.

Procedure of Navatto urine cancer test

Now I am telling about the procedure to guve your urine for the test and what materials or chemicals needed for this test.

First of all i will tell you about the material required for the test if you are making the sample at home and than give it to the hospital,first thing which is needed is acetone which you can buy from any pharmacy.

The second thing is alcohol either ethyl or propyl.

The third thing is coffee filter,beaker or any glass jar or cup,a sandwich bag to wrap the material.

The procedure to making the material

The procedure to making the material is very easy and based on 5 simple steps.

First you have to take your early morning urine because it is fresh and without any germs.Than add about 50 ml of acetone and then 5 ml of alcohol either ethyl or propyl. Stir the whole mixture well.Than the whole mixture should be placed in refrigerator or at any other cold place for atleast about 6 hours until the sediments are formed.

When the sediments are formed at the bottom of the jar or beakers than throw off abpoit half of the urine-acetone mixture without loosing any sediment.

Shake the mixture very well  and than filteration starts means tahn filter the remaining solution using coffe filter and make sure that all sesdiments should be on the filter paper.

If you make the solution in your home than wrap the sediments in the sandwich paper bag and gave it to the hospital for the,the result of the test will be shown to you atleast in one week.


There must be some precautions or we can say some preparations have to made by the person who is going to have the Navarro urine test. Before collecting the urine sample, make sure that there will be no sexual contact for about 12 days for women and 48 hours for the men.

If the patient is pragnent so don not gave the urine sample of the pregnant women.

If you using compound like thyroid hormones,steroidal compound,female hormone supplements or vitamin D supplements you have to wait for atleast 3 days after you leave to have these kind of compound or supplements. And than you can resume ssuch kind of compound after the test or after uribe extraction but before this contact to your family doctor.

This test have no harmful effects of this test as compared to other tests and have no risk as there is no radiation or other harmful substance used in this test.


Infrared thermography cancer test

Infrared thermography is also one of the most important technique or cancer test used to detect many diseases.

Infrared thermography is the equipment or methad to which detect infrared enenrgy emitted from object, converts it to temperature and displays images of temperature distribution.

Thermography was originally developed for military purpose in 1950s. But in 1979s it was investigated as a diagnose tool for breat cancer. This tool was declined in 1977, because it was less favourable than ultrasound and mammography.

In this cancer test the equipment which is used is caled infrared thermograph and the method is called infrared thermography.

In other words  a measurement of the regional skin temperature with an infrared sensing device is called infrared thermography.

Test technique

In this test or technique an infrared camera is used to measure the temperature on the surface of the body part, and it also detect abnormal tissue growth on the body part.

Infrared thermography is usually used to detect breast cancer.As this method was declined in 1977 but this method is used in many hospitals of United States.

In this test infrared camera is used to examine the body parts.

Infrared rays are used to examine the whole body.The result of the test is prepared or shown in a thermograph.

The camera involve infrared rays where cancer shows uo as red blob due to heat caused by the cancer cells. For example, as you all know that most of the breast cancer is caused by the infection of the mouth. In this case thermograph shows the red blob in the mouth (i.e infection) and red blob in the blood that indicates the cancer.

If this test will be done done before the cancer spread all over the body than we can know about the cancer and cause of the cancer and it should be cure easily.

How to prepare for this cancer test

The patients who goes for the infrared thermography test have to preepare themselves for the test. They have to avoid heavy excersice before the test,they have to avoid spicy food on the day of your thermogram, avoid hot beverages, avoid deodorant and body crewm and lotion and also avoid tight fitting clothes on the day of the thermogram.

You have to do all these prepareation before the test to have good and productive thermography result.

Infrared thermography is very useful and have many advantages as it is used to detect abnormalities due to heat and also help in detection of breast cancer. But it has many harmful and dangerous effects hide behind this test. As thermography is done by infrared rays and as we all know radiations are very harmful for you body and  any test which is engaged with radiations have slightly risk of cancer. Infrared rays are very harmful for our eyes and skin it can damage the tissues of the skin and also infected or even damages our eyes.

The women who is pregnant and going to have this test can make harm to the mother and also the fetus. But if radiations are used in little amount than they cannot harm our heath or body.


A Barium Enema Test which is one of the most important test to detect many diseases epecially cancer and other dangerous diseases even before the signs and symptoms appears. Barium Enema is a X-ray exam that detects changes or abnormalities in the large intestine,includes colon and rectum.

This test is used to diagnose diseases or abnormalities occurs in the large intestine.This test is also known as colon X-ray. In this test an enema which is injection of a liquid introduce into your rectum through a small tube. In this case, this liquid contains a metabolic substance (Barium) that coats the lining of colon and than the x-ray produces an image of the tissue.

Barium Enema test is done to examine many diseases or abnormalities like abdominal pain, blood in stool, a change in your bowel movement, Crohn’s disease, chronic disease, rectal bleeding and other diseases  when they affect the gastrointesttinal tract, includes rectum and colon.

Before the barium enema test performed  the patient’s bowel should be clean. The patient have to drink only liqiud like coffee or tea, sports drinks so that bowel of the patient should be clean.

If the bowel shoukd not be cleaned than the image will not be clear.

Now i am telling you that how the Barium Enema test is performed. Usually the Barium enema test  take between 30 to 60 minutes. And the whole process is done by a specialized radiologist. First the radiologist insert a small tube in the rectum of the patient and introduced the mixture of  barium and water.

Than the xray starts,during the xray you have to hold your breath for sometimes and you will most likely to have repositioned several times  to take the xray of colon from different angles,it may cause little difficulty and discomfort for the patients,than the mixture of barium and water is removed from the tube amd than barium test is completed.

Risks of cancer test

This test has many advantages and by this test you can examine and can detect many abnormalities in our gastrointestinal tract before the signs and symptoms appears. But eventually this test has many disadvantges or risks.

The first and the most important risk of this test is radiations. As we all know that any test which includes radiations carries a slight risk of cancer. This test is also very harmful for pregnant women because the radiations could harm the mother and fetus.If the person who decided to have tnis test and this person have any allergy so this test is also very harmful for that person as well because barium enema is an allergic reaction which is cause due to barium solution.

But although this cancer test is very useful and helpful to  detect many diseases.

After the barium Enema cancer test you have to drink plenty of water and fluid for the next several days to help prevent constipation. If you feel severe pain in abdomin, fever and other problems you should immediately call or meet your doctor.

You can go back to your usual activities immediately after the barium enema test, but it may be good idea to have some rest after the test.

If your doctors finds any area of cancer during barium enema than additional test may be needed to examine those kind of area.

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