All that you need to know about breast cancer

Breast Cancer
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Information about breast cancer research foundation is really necessary to find for all women in this worldwide. This foundation has a great purpose to assist all women with this disease. Having cancer is really painful. The patients cannot talk to any people around them about the disease. They will feel alone sometimes. They need assistance mentally and financially. Where should they get the assistance? Well, this foundation is the best answer to that question. The patients get whatever they need here. In addition, all people living without or with cancer are able to give support and contribution. Here is what the foundation does to assist people who are struggling with breast cancer and also kind people who want to give something for the patients based on breast cancer research foundation review.

Mission of Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast cancer research foundation has something precious to offer. The mission of it is achieving avoidance and a treat for the cancer in lifetime by giving funding for inventive clinical and research which is translational at outstanding hospitals around the world. This foundation is also helping to make people aware about health of breast. That is really great, right? People are able to contribute what they have in this mission to limit the danger and attack of breast cancer.

The mission is done through some programs. There are group discussion, research group, donation, charity, product sale, and also presentation. All programs are done to achieve the mission. In breast cancer research foundation, all people are able to contribute and assist the victim of breast cancer. This foundation is also held to support some studies dealing with the cancer. The results of each research are stored and compiled in the library of the foundation.

Giving Contribution of Breast Cancer Research Foundation

It has been mentioned before that all people are able to give some contributions. You can give the contributions whether those are financial, knowledge, and information. The best assistance is provided by breast cancer research foundation. If you are interested in it, you are able to register online or offline. You are able to choose which one that is the suitable for you.

Registering to be a member online can be done through the official website of it. Just click it and you will be guided how to do it. However, you are able to go to the office directly. The breast cancer research foundation address is available in the official website. You can find other precious information in the official website of breast cancer research foundation also.

Breast Cancer Staging Early and Advanced Level

Breast Cancer Staging

Treatment given by the doctor to breast cancer patients is decided based on breast cancer staging and symptoms of cancer itself. Cancer is like other diseases which are appeared in stages. There are levels of cancer. You are able to find information dealing with that thing in some articles about health on the internet or in magazines. Just dig out each point from those articles to enrich your knowledge about the stages to define what breast cancer staging treatment to get. As a basic point, the stages are categorized into two things. They are early stage and advanced stage.

Breast Cancer Staging in Early Level

In the early level of breast cancer staging, there are stage 0 and stage 1. You will not find that cells of cancer are breaking out the breast part in which the cells are getting started in stage 0. The evidence does not appear yet in this stage. It is even not getting through normal tissues around. In other words, breast cancer is not invasive. That is what pathologies talk about breast cancer staging in stage 0.

Let us move to the next breast cancer staging at an early level. After stage 0, the cells will move to stage 1 which is cancer will be invasive. There are IA and IB as well. In IA, the size of a lump which is commonly called tumor is up to two cm. In this phase, the cell has not spread yet whereas, in IB, the tumor is disappeared. That is changed into cells of cancer groups. The size of it is around 0.2 mm. It is less than two mm. The cells are found in the nodes lymph. To know it more, you can discuss with an expert of it and see breast cancer staging chart.

Breast Cancer Staging in Advanced Level

The next breast cancer staging of it is stage 2, stage 3, and also stage 4. In stage 2, the tumor can be appeared and disappeared. In 2A, the tumor which appears can be two cm. The tumor is spread out under the arm. In 2B, the tumor can be more than 2 cm. It is up to 5 cm as well.  In stage 3, the cells will be started to be dangerous and worse. In 3A, the cells have been spread under arms and sticking to other tissues. In 3B, the cells have been spread out into the wall of the chest and breast skin.

The worst condition in cancer staging is in stage 4. Why is it the worst? It is the worst since the cells have been metastatic and attack other parts of the body. The part can be lung, liver, heart, or brain. That is all about breast cancer staging in advanced level.

Breast Cancer Lumps Characteristics

Breast Cancer Lumps

The talking about breast cancer lumps can actually be said as something still confusing for some people, especially women. Breast cancer is a disease that can actually be suffered by all people and not only women. Nevertheless, more cases of breast cancer which is suffered by women seem to be the reason why the discussion about the disease is more to women than to men. The information that will be stated here can also be said to be so.

Common Characteristics of Breast Cancer Lumps

As stated in the introduction, there is confusion occur in some people’s mind whenever breast cancer lumps are main discussions. The confusion is actually something that occurs because there are two main types of breast lumps can be found. They are the harmless and also the harmful one, which is no other but a sign of breast cancer. Some people just do now know whether or not the lumps they find in their breast are the harmful ones or not.

 Because of this, it is sure that the characteristics of breast cancer lumps are things needed in order to let people know better about the lumps. First of all, a common shape often is found in the lumps is not round. Besides, it is also known not to have a smooth surface but the pebbly one. If the lumps are pressed, it will feel like they are something quite hard. The lumps are also not movable, unlike any other lumps which are nor harmful, found in the breast.

There are some common locations where breast cancer lumps are usually found. For example, they can be found very near to the breast surface. Some other cases show that they can be found in the further area, which is quite close to the chest wall. One other common area where they are usually found is in the armpit area.

Test to Find Out Breast Cancer Lumps

Some people simply think that breast cancer lumps painful or breast cancer lumps hurt that should be paid attention to in concluding whether or not they suffer from the disease. Although it is so, these kinds of things are not the determinant. Even if the characteristics of the lumps, as stated before, is already known, it is still not easy for people to know whether they are cancer or not. If this kind of confusion is the one faced, there is actually attest can be done to know further about the lumps. The test meant here is known as a mammogram test. In the test, exact information about breast cancer lumps can, of course, be known.

Ductal Breast Cancer: A Type of Breast Cancer That People Should be Aware of

Ductal breast cancer can be said as one from two main types of breast cancer. While the other one of the types is known to be invasive breast cancer, this one is also known to be noninvasive breast cancer or ductal breast cancer in situ. What is actually this cancer? Is there any certain symptoms can be found in these types of cancer so that people can increase their awareness in relation to the disease? To find the answers to those questions here is some information about the disease that might be beneficial for you to know.

What Is Actually Ductal Breast Cancer?

Types of breast cancer which is known as ductal breast cancer can be explained like this. It is actually a breast cancer in which the cancer cells are not spreading but stay in the area which can be said as the origin of those cells. It means that the cells have not damaged some breast tissue around the origin area of the cells yet.

Ductal breast cancer itself is noninvasive cancer which can be divided into some different categories. For example, there is Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) and also Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS).  One thing which is found to be important in noninvasive breast cancer is that, if it is not treated properly, there is a different level of possibility for it to become invasive breast cancer, which is surely more dangerous because the spreading of cancer cells will occur here.

Common Symptoms of Ductal Breast Cancer and How to Treat It

Of course, there are some common ductal breast cancer symptoms can be found. Knowledge about all those common symptoms of ductal breast cancer is sure to be quite important both for men and women. It is something related to an undeniable fact that breast cancer is not only found in women but also men. Although there is no lump formed in this type of cancer, it doesn’t mean that there are no symptoms that people should be aware of. Usually, the symptoms are pain feeling in breast and some kind of bloody liquid that comes out from the nipple.

The early treatment that should be taken when those symptoms occur is sure to be mammogram. The function of doing mammogram test is to know whether or not the symptoms are parts of breast cancer or just something else. If unfortunately, they are, some further medical treatment should, of course, be taken in order to stop the ductal breast cancer being worst.

Breast Cancer Ribbon as the Awareness

Breast Cancer Ribbon

Breast cancer ribbon is the kind of thing to make people aware of breast cancer. You should know that breast cancer is the dangerous disease that can cause death mostly in many countries. Most people think that breast cancer can attack women, while in fact it can also attack men. That is why this can be the serious disease that should be aware of. You are ordered to check your breasts early if there are some suspicious bumps in your breast area, especially if the bumps are painful if you touch them.

Breast Cancer Ribbon: the Organization

You should know that breast cancer ribbon is actually an organization that is officially registered in New York. This organization is meant to support the breast cancer patients, the families, and even the survivors in all over the world. It is a community where you can find the forums and discussions about breast cancer. There, you can find the sharing thoughts and stories about the survivors how they managed to survive, and the stories of the families of breast cancer patients. If you are either the survivors or one of the family members of breast cancer patients, you can join here.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Logo Vector

As the sign that you are the members of breast cancer ribbon community, you can get breast cancer ribbon vector logo. The logo can be worn in your clothes. You can pin it. Moreover, people will not only wear it in their clothes, but also wear it in their skins. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are actually the common thing you can find in people nowadays. If you are one of the members of this community, you can wear this ribbon in your clothes.

If you want to donate to breast cancer ribbon, you can also give your fund here. All you have to do is just visiting its official website. There, you can find how you give your money. One thing for sure, it will be beneficial if you donate your money here knowing that you can be helpful to others who need you.

 You can be sure that this community has divided based on the areas in the world. You just have to find one that is near your location. You can also get the fund if you are really eligible for that. Contacting this community will be the best choice for you. It is always be beneficial to join breast cancer ribbon.

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