B17 Vitamin Food – Best source and use

B17 Vitamin Food - Best source and use
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A Vitamins play an essential role to give a perfect body shape and also protect you from several diseases. Basically, they provide you with necessary nutrition as novodalin b17 vitamin provides for your body better growth. Common diseases like hair fall, miss-carriages, short & long sightedness, bones, and many others are basically initiated due to the fewer vitamins usage. Hence, it is important to get familiar with all these Vitamins if your body alarms you any symptom. Have you any idea about b17 vitamin food? If your answer is no, then find out all possible info here.

Did you know that Vitamin B17 has enormous benefits?  Each one of us must try to know as it includes essential elements that our body needs at a proportionate rate. That particular vitamin is hyped vitamin as an antidote to the most dangerous disease Cancer. How b17 vitamin food invented and what are the main vitamin b17 benefits? Check everything here in detail.

hypertension and vitamin b17

  • Hypertension:

That vitamin can help to prevent from hypertension headache issue which has become a common problem. Lower blood pressure is the main cause of hypertension and that vitamin b17 is effective.

  • Effective for Immune System:

Our immune system plays a vital role in better fitness and body growth. It works wonder for the human body immune system. A naturalist “ Dr. Anju Sood” from Banglore hails that, vitamin b17 has the potential to increase the body white blood cells.

  • Antioxidant:

These vitamins have the power to reduce human body toxic cells. Vitamins like b17, A & C have the capability to break down toxicity in the body, they work as antioxidant naturally.

  • Pain Killer:

Some experts around the world also consider Vitamin b17 as a useful pain reducer/pain killer. So it is also known as a competitive pain reliever vitamin. This shows that vitamin b17 benefits are not limitless but proper guideline and information is required for effective results.

Source of vitamin b17 food?

b17 vitamin food

That vitamin b17 is richly found in the seeds of apples & apricots, these are the plants of the “prunasin family”. Laetrile is a popular supplement and it helps to prevent Cancer development in the body. As per doctor Sanju statement on ndtv food, In earlier 1800, vitamin b17 belongs to vitamin b complex category. Various research and & scientist are proven that vitamin b17 have the ability to increase human body white cells.

To put cancer in layman’s term, this is definitely a curtail the metastasis, which is truly proliferation of “cancer cells” as compared to normal human body cells. Still, medical science centers are still investigating its brains and its root cause, as we are nutritionists so we are limited to work on “hypothesis” says, doctor.

The 1st and the most effective thing is to increase the level of “antioxidants” in the human body, which is useful & surely inhibits the sudden growth of these cancer cells. By the increase of vitamin b17 intake can help you to grow the white cells in blood and also maintain the toxic level in the human body. Check out the list of foods/seeds which are richly loaded with vitamin b17.


The possibilities are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries & wild-berries richly loaded with the vitamins like b17. Berries have a different delicious taste and widely available in the local fruit market.


nuts vitamin b17

Do you know that the Chinese have used almond abundance traditionally? This is proven that bitter almond releases hydrocyanic acid when distilling the water. That acid can be purified to form “Amygdalin”. Bitter almond is fully loaded with vitamin b17, Macadamia nuts and cashew nuts are way in the terms of b17 vitamin contents.


Seeds are another source of vitamins, kernels of many foods & seeds are the main source of vitamin b17. Apricot fruit and its seed are at the top of the list in that particular category. Many other fruits seeds like apple, plum & pear seeds contain a huge quantity of vitamin b17. So useful source of b17 vitamin food is apple, Barrier, Nuts, Apricot, Flax, Pumpkin seed, Elderberry, Strawberry & Blueberry.

Grains & Millets contains a good amount of vitamins, and top of the list will be sorghum, buckwheat, barley and millet. Eucalyptus Leaves and Spanish leaves are also used for the purpose of vitamin b17. 

Is b17 vitamin Food illegal?

Laetrile which is “amygdalin” vitamin b17 is a highly contraventional and risky treatment of major & common disease Cancer. FDA has banned it due to its drawbacks and after causes of cyanide poisoning. Laetrile may cause major health risks which can be the cause of death. The 3rd theory suggests that vitamin b17 deficiency (amygdalin) can be the caused of cancer. No evidence still proves that “amygdalin” is actually a useful and healthy vitamin.

B17 Vitamin Food

The most important section which can help you to find all possible info about the B17 Vitamin Food pros & cons. Your imagination and questions about this food can find a solution here. Check this below and then start using it in your daily meal.

B17 Vitamin Pros:

FDA has not yet approved it in the USA and still no required evidence available in the market, that the human body requires this vitamin. Laetrile or Amygdalin can prevent from Cancer, this is still in the discussion. What are the possible pros of using this?

  • Maintain blood pressure.
  • Reduce the pain from the body, it is also known as a pain reliever or pain killer.
  • Better results for the body immune system.
  • Cancer inhibitor (Still to be Confirmed Later) No proven evidence.

Just keep one thing in your mind, all shared pros of this vitamin b17 has less or weak evidence. Proper recommendations and studies are required on Laetrile or Amygdalin pros. Laetrile called as vitamin b17 by marketers, this is actually a drug which is used to prevent from Cancer in the 1970s. The inventor of the b17 vitamin was Dr Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. in 1952.

B17 Vitamin Cons:

  • Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin, this is a drug.
  • It may be converted to cyanide.
  • It may work as cyanide poisoning in the human body.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Drooping Eyelids.
  • Liver Damage.
  • Lack of oxygen to body tissue.
  • Drop in blood pressure & fever.

Is Laetrile Called a Vitamin?

laetrile b17

In the 1970s, dr. Krebs falsely claimed that all possible cancers are mainly caused by the deficiency of a vitamin B17. He also claimed that a drug “laetrile” which was the missing vitamin in cancer, he named it as vitamin B17. This is confirmed that there is no vitamin B17, laetrile is a drug and their marketers claimed it as cancer inhibitor vitamin.


Right now, this vitamin or supplement is banned by the Food and Drug Administration in many regions/states. The main reason is its dangerous side effects and less evidence of effectively treat cancer. Experiment on 2 animals having cancer was treated with this drug and both animals have no improvement after being treated with “laetrile drug” which is known as vitamin b17.


Some possible danger may include nerve damage, difficulty in the walking, confusion & coma. “The Cancer Research UK” official website reports that consuming 50 gram of laetrile can cause sudden death. Vitamin B17 Food is not an approved medicine or supplement for cancer by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

I am a nutritionist and healthcare practitioner with over 10 years of experience. I am a medical article writer, blog writer. My passion is to help people. My favorite quote is:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

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